Sean Penn Denies Helping Authorities Recapture ‘El Chapo’

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Sean Penn has denied his interview with fugitive drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman helped Mexican authorities recapture the criminal that was sought.

The Milk star met with the crime boss at his hideout in the Mexican jungle in October, three months after Guzman had escaped from prison.

The interview, which was coordinated by performer Kate Del Castillo, was printed for Rolling Stone last week, a day after the fugitive was taken back into detention.

Mexican authorities maintain Penn’s secret assembly helped them track down the offender and they would like to discuss to De Castillo and the performer over their contact with Guzman.

Penn sat down with U.S. newsman Charlie Rose in Santa Monica, California on Thursday night to discuss the controversy and denied his participation in Guzman’s recapture.

“There’s this myth about the visit that we made, my co-workers and I, with El Chapo, that it was, as the Attorney General of Mexico is quoted, ‘vital’ to his capture,” he says in a clip from his 60 Minutes interview. “we’d met with him many weeks before…; on October 2nd, in a location near where he was got.”

“Here’s the matters that we know: We understand the Mexican authorities – they were certainly quite humiliated by the belief that he was found by someone before they did,” Penn said. Before they did nobody found him. We did’t. We’re not more intelligent than the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or the Mexican intelligence. We’d upon which we could ease an invitation.” a contact

The performer is convinced the Mexican government is laying the blame on him and placing him at risk with Guzman’s cartel.

Penn regrets the controversy surrounding the following arrest and the interview have taken the focus away from the point he was attempting to make that drug policy must be reformed.

“I ‘ve a sorrow that its goal, which was to make an effort to lead to this discussion about the policy in the war on drugs is ignored by the whole discussion concerning this post,” he included.

“ We need … to quit; We’re the consumer. Whether you agree with Sean Penn or not, there’s a complicity there. And in case you are in the moral right, or on the far left, only as many of your kids are doing these drugs…; And how much time have they spent in the last week since this post come [sic] outside, talking about that? One percent? I believe that’d be generous…; My post has neglected.”

The preview of Penn’s chat aired on CBS This Morning on Friday. The complete interview airs on 60 Minutes on Sunday.


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