How This Little Startup is Disrupting Apple, Google and Dropbox

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The average US internet user has between 250GB and 1TB of data.

So its no surprise that cloud storage services have been busting at the seams. 

Everyone is sharing and syncing files from their smartphones, tablets and computers

With over 130,000 hard drive failures every week, sneaky malware and viruses,
 protecting your valuable data is more crucial now than any time before.

If you ever experienced the heart shattering pain of a crashed or corrupted
hard drive, that gut wrenching feeling that you simply can't shake off...

The moment you realize what you've just lost?

The moment you come to grip that it's GONE forever.

Yet you wish you could have made a back up somewhere -- Anywhere ---
 so that your documents, memories and data would be safe and secure.

But it finally sinks in that there is NO thing you can do about it...

To prevent this from EVER happening or happening AGAIN backing up
your files on a remote server to  protect your valuable data  against theft
and disaster makes more than sense.

As always, Apple with its icloud and Google with Drive are leading the 
way alongside Dropbox who now claims over 13 million paying customers.

But while hardware an connectivity costs have steadily gone down
the big tech conglomerates have kept the monthly subscription price
high. They charge an average of $10 per month which is fairly high.

As with every emerging technology -- this space is ripe for disruption.

And that's what Jai Sharma who just received the 2020 Entrepreneur
Real Hero Award and Ankit Mehta another seasoned tech entrepreneur are 
doing with 10XDrive.

So how is this startup giving the 3 giants a run for their money?

For starters, price. Who wants to worry about having to pay month-after-month,
year-after-year for secured cloud storage?

What if you could just pay a one time fee and not worry about it for 10 years?

Yes you're reading this right. 10 Years!

Apparently this struck a cord with customers as they've been signing up new
users in record setting numbers.

So not only does the one time fee cover users subscription for 10 years,
they are passing on the savings to the consumer by charging
$1 per month instead of the industry average of $10.

But pricing is only the start. Jai and Ankit are not just discounters,
they are also keen on innovation.

For starter, they integrated stupid simple 1 click backups for wordpress sites.

A very smart move considering wordpress powers over 35% of the internet.

Next, they created a more versatile and easier to use solution that unlike Dropbox
isn't complex nor frustrating to navigate, especially for newcomers.

Since sharing files to collaborate on projects is one of the most valuable feature
to users, they've created an advanced custom link sharing system which
allows you to share only in private but also expire sharing privileges at
the time you set.

While Apple users may want to hang on to icloud to keep their data within
the Apple ecosystem, when it comes to file sharing and back up online
it may be a good time to say goodbye to Dropbox or Google Drive all together.

In a world where technology is moving fast and disruption is happening
faster than ever, customers are always looking for the next secure, reliable
and easy to use solution at the best price.

It seems that 10XDrive may just have accomplished that and poise itself
to be the next premium cloud storage service Killer.

After months in beta onboarding new users at a controlled pace, they just 
went live to the public and are offering a killer deal to new users.

So if you want to protect your most important Personal or Professional Data
without having to worry about monthly fees and save 90% over current prices 
you may want to Check 10xDrive for yourself?
To Visit their site now, Click Here>>>

Jai Sharma Receiving the 2020 Entrepreneur Real Hero Award



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